Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Jeronimo crushin the Kettlebell WOD!


All Levels

A. For 15 Min. 

Hang Power Clean 3 rest 2 min after each set

WOD: The Wednesday Sprint (15)

4 stations; 3 Rounds rotating through; 45 sec on, 15 sec off, 1 full min rest after all 4 stations
Start at any station - the movements are going to be similar for each

1. 10m Shuttle Run (1 pt per cone touch)
2. Slam Ball
3. Farmer's Walk (1 rep for 10m each way)
4. Fitness: Russian KB Swing


Level 1 


Static Dips/Push Ups: 3 sets 5 reps 40x1 or 10 Push Ups

Skill Builder/Strength: Press 8-10 2020

WOD: Full Tabata at each station, 1 round rest after all 8 are complete
Wall Ball
No Push Up Burpees
Jump Rope

*Core Finisher as needed


Level 2

4 Sets of

1. 1 Press, 3 Push Press, 5 Push Jerk

2. Muscle Up Progressions
Muscle up negatives (start at the top and slowly do the movement in reverse)
and MU transitions on the short rings.
(Any overhead issues go to bench instead of OH Press for 8 reps, then barbell bent over rows 8 reps for 2)

WOD: Mini-Tester

21-15-9, reps for time
Box Jumps can be step ups or jumps + Step Down,
Wall ball (adjust height & weight accordingly)
Burpees (Performance w/6" jump + touch) 

Post results to comments.

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