Monday, February 24, 2014


Congrats to Magera who took 1st Place female division! 

Congrats to Kurt who also took 1st Place male division!


A. 8 Min Movement Prep: Alt EMOM: Start light & work up

1 person starts on barbell, other person on burpees.

Odd = 3 Power Clean or Squat Clean,
Even = 8-10 Burpee + Jump Touch

WOD: B. 
11.3 AMRAP 5

Squat Clean & Jerk (or Squat Clean Thruster)

As needed; Work out of the hang position, or even just front squat + push press if you need it.

C. AMRAP 3 (all together)
5 Wall Ball 
5 Sit ups


Level 1

Pre-Skill Anaerobic

Row 175m, rest 2-3 min x 3 sets.

Skill: Kipping Pull Up Progressions

WOD: 1 min per station 4 stations, rest 1 min after all 4 stations x 3 sets

1. Jumping Pull Ups (not band assisted for this) - can be kipping if they can kip!
2. Burpee w/Jump Touch
3. Box Step Ups
4. Rowing for Cal
Rest 1 min (They can start at any station)


Level 2

Pre Struc: 3 Sets Lactic Power Row Repeats; +25 meters from last week’s intervals (12-15) 

275m hard, rest 2-3 min

WOD: FGB Style (17 min total - start at any station)
1 min on, 1 min off 5 stations, rest 1 min after all 5

1. Pull Ups (can be jumping pull ups for beginners, or C2B or Muscle ups for adv)
2. All: Burpee w6"touch
3. Box Jumps (Open Standards - can be step ups too)
4. V-Ups
5. Rowing (for cal)

Post results to comments.

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