Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Mae and her dad came by Sunday to cheer us on!


Level 2

Pre Struc work 3-4 sets
1. Bulgarian Split Squat 8 reps each leg
2. 6 2DB/KB Bent over Row; 20x1
3. 6 Good Mornings w/barbell

Overhead Squat WOD: Full Tabata at each station, score is total reps
Tabata round (30 sec) to rotate
1. Overhead Squat (from rack for beginners - from ground for int/adv)
2. Slam Ball
3. 5m Shuttle Run
4. Double Unders


Level 1

Pre-Skill Structural

Box Step Ups 8 each leg 3 sets

Skill Builder/Strength: OHS 10 reps

WOD: Full Tabata at each station, score is total reps + 1 tabata rd to rotate
OHS w/just the bar
Slam Ball
5m Shuttle Run
Jump Rope Passes


Level 1

Pre-Skill, warm-up Skill: Burgener warm up w/pvc pipe

Skill Builder/Strength: Med Ball Clean & Clean Drills

5 Burpees
7 MB Clean
9 Sit Ups


Level 2 

A. 8 min EMOM; working up in weight, partners at each bar, first at 0, 2nd at 30 sec mark)

3 Hang Power Cleans (or hang clean high pull, as needed)

B5 RFT - 8 min cap
10 Deadlifts, 10 Burpees
(good weights would be on the high end at like 185/115 - similar to Open weights)

C. Finisher coaches choice:

Post results to comments.

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