Monday, March 3, 2014



Level 2

A. 500m row test

B. Muscle up Skill Work 10 min about 3 sets of each 
Fitness: Begin working kipping progressions
P: ADAP Pull Up 5: (chin over bar, chest to bar, belly button to bar, bar muscle up)

C. 10 Min Work Capacity Test 2.0 

4 min Shuttle Run (10m = 1 point)

3 min:
P: Front Squat from ground (95/65#)
F: Goblet Squat

2 min:
P: C2B Pul Ups
F: Jumping Pull Ups (because they've already had a ton of horizontal pulling from row)

1 min Burpee w/Lateral jump over hurdle or barbell
Score is max reps


Level 1

Pre-Skill: 500m Row

Skill: Kipping Pull Up Progressions

WOD: Work Capacity Test 2.0
4 min shuttle run (1 pt ever 10 meters)
3 min Goblet Squat
2 min Jumping Pull Ups
1 min Burpees

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