Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Welcome to the Herd Libby

and Pilar!!


Strength: Front Squat find 1RM (15)

B. Strict Pull Ups – (10)

F: 3 sets Max Ring Rows 1010 tmp  Rest 
min (1 second down, 1 second up)

P/S: Find 1RM Weighted Pull Up
WOD: TT 1k Row for time


Strength: 4-5 sets; Snatching 3 reps
F: Hang Power Snatch
P: 1 Hang Power + 2  Full Power [from the floor]
S: 3 Position Power Snatch: High hang, below knee, then floor

WOD: Chipper
400m run
50 KB Swings [adjust weight by level]
50 Double Unders [fitness = 150 singles]
50 Burpees
400m run

Fitness; Scale to 30 or 40 reps of each if needed
Scale the weight & double unders 

Post results to comments.

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