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5 Ways To Be A More Successful CrossFitter   
By Jan Dayleg

1-Track your WODs.
Every workout we do is a valuable data point. Tracking your progress will ensure that you're headed in a positive direction, and failing to do so is asking for regression. Whether its knowing all of your 1-rep maxes on the various barbell lifts, or knowing how many rounds of "Cindy" you did last time, everything is useful, so record it! It's as simple as jotting down the WOD and the time, or the lift and the weight you lifted. There are numerous benefits to recording your WOD's. One, WOD times will immediately give you a relative snapshot of where you stand in the gym, by allowing you to compare your result with other athletes. Two, knowing your WOD times will give you something to shoot for down the road, the next time you encounter it. We all want to beat our "Fran" times. Three, knowing your lift numbers makes things in class flow smoother. If the workout calls for a 95 lb. Thruster and your 1-rep max front squat is 75 lbs., you probably should scale. But throwing the weight on the bar and epically failing is not only embarrassing, but a disruption of class and a waste of time. Furthermore, it prevents the guessing games involved during strength work. For instance, if the WOD calls for 3-3-3-1-1-1 Back Squat and I suggest to warm up with 40-50% of your 1-rep max, it's a lot more efficient if everyone knows what I mean. (We have calculators in the box. ;-D)

2-Deem yourself novice.
From weekend warriors to elite athletes, everyone could use some polishing of their technique. Just because you have a general understanding of the lift doesn't mean you're perfect. If Rich Froning walks into our box, I would make him work that PVC just as hard as everyone else. (And he'd probably want that anyway.) Strive for virtuosity, and the PR's will keep coming, and they'll come in a safe manner. Even athletes with years of experience pick things up they didn't know before by drilling movements thousands of times.

3-Be pretty.
This ties into number 2. Aside from individual body structures, every movement we do has strict standards that we all must adhere to, for safety reasons, and for the simple fact that these are universal recruitment patterns (we all do them all the time in one way or another). If a coach calls you out, or you notice that you look a little different than the rest of the class, drop what you're doing and take a step back to fix it. We all know form breaks down as time goes by, but strive to prevent that as much as possible. Never deliberately sacrifice form for the sake of a faster time or a bigger lift. Make it pretty, and in due time, everything will improve.

4-Ask questions.
The only dumb question is the one that isn't asked. Don't be that person that holds back a question in fear of appearing weird. Asking that question could be the difference between success and failure, or worse, safety and injury. Remember, deem yourself novice. Many times, the athletes asking me for a form check are the ones who have it down. Weird, right? That's not a coincidence, people. Come outside of your shell people, ask questions. Be uncertain. The more you think you know, the less you will learn.

5-Work Weaknesses.
We strive to develop everything a fitness program can develop. Let's say you suck at blank, but you're amazing at blah. Nothing will improve you better as a CrossFitter than going after blank with all your energy, and letting blah take a backseat until blank catches up. Trust me, blah won't go anywhere.

Happy New Year's, herd members. Happy WOD'ing (:

400m run
21 Ktb swings 54/35
12 Pull-ups 

5 Rounds
15 sec Clapping push ups
45sec rest
15 sec KTE's
45 sec rest
15 sec Push press 135/95

- Beginners

Skill Builder
Med ball clean
Sumo deadlift high pull

7 Rounds for time
10 Med ball clean
10 Burpees

Keep a positive outlook even when faced with life challenges." - Catherine Pulsifer 

Post time and number of reps completed to comments.

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  1. Monday: Strict Helen 15:03 Rx

    Tuesday: Weighted Dip 3x79# (3RM PR) 1x88# (1RM PR). WOD 131 Rx