Monday, March 4, 2013



Hang Power Clean - Heavy Single 

10 Paralette Push ups
20 OH walking lunge steps 45/20
10 Burpees
20 Plate-loaded squats 45/25

6 Deadlifts 245/185
12 Lateral Bar-Hop Burpees
*Beginners 3 RFT and scale load to match technical proficiency and strength level

Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward. - Victor Kiam

Post load, reps, or time to comments.


  1. How does strenghth correlate with moving faster? This is what am I thinking, the stronger we get, to have more of challenge, the heavier we will go on the lift in our metcons which I think will make us move slowier because it's a heavier weight. (I know over time we will get even stronger and adept at that weight but then we will go heavier again. I guess what I am asking is when does it equal out or streamline or does it ever?)

    1. Strength correlates to moving faster through metcons in a very relative sense. The stronger you get, the easier the metcon will be at the PRESCRIBED weight, and it will be more likely that you're doing the WOD as prescribed, as opposed to doing it before you got stronger. Of course, the strength gains must correlate to the movements in the metcons themselves, such as a gain on your front squat improving your "Fran" time because thrusters got easier.

    2. This is really interesting! And links back to previous discussions on scaling.

      For 'benchmark' wods, there's an Rx weight and that's what people use so that they can compare themselves to others in the population, measure progress, etc. I guess this falls into 'testing'.

      For 'training', however, it seems like athletes should almost always scale down or up. For example, when Coach Glassman came up with Fran (great story: it was intended to be 5-8 mins long in order to give the intended cardiovascular and endurance exposure.

      An athlete attempting Fran at Rx early in their fitness career might complete it in 10 or more minutes, and while that might be a great stregth and endurance workout for them, it doesn't really provoke the response that was intended. Similarly, now we have sub-2 min Fran times being posted (seriously -, whilst a great demo of the level of conditioning that athlete has achieved, perhaps a better use of 'training' time would be to scale up (check this out, albeit with different rep counts -

      Thoughts, anyone??

  2. Great video Jan! I'm very unhappy I'm away for the first week of the cycle, there's nothing better than tracking gains!

    Also I think it's worth highlighting Strongman lifts in terms of practising the practical application of strength - not everything is conveniently barbell-shaped :)

  3. Coach Jan - very helpful video. Put's a bit of context around the CFDUMBO approach. I've thought about it before but didn't know what the exact rationale for each day's WOD was. Thanks - Kurt