Monday, March 25, 2013


CrossFit Dumbo would like to thank Tim Haft & Shana Brady of Punk Rope for coming down and spreading the love with their Doubles or Nothing clinic it was AMAZING!! We will definitely have them back!


Hang Squat Clean - Heavy 1

* 1 TGU before adding a rep to the snatches each round
1 TGU Left 53/35
1 KB/DB Snatch Left 53/35
1 TGU Right 53/35
1 KB/DB Snatch Right 53/35
1 TGU Left
2 Snatches Left
1 TGU Right
2 Snatches Right


"Terrible Twos"
Work up ladder of round of2, round of 4, round of 6, round of 8, etc.
KB Swings 53/35
KB SDHP 53/35
KB Shoulder to Overhead Left 53/35
KB Shoulder to Overhead Right 53/35
* Beginners scale load and time to 12 min.

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else. - Albert Einstein

Post load, reps, or time to comments.


  1. Good video Coach Jan, and I understand what you are saying about going all out for the workout and not doing extraneous stuff... but at the same time, if I don't practice something like my double unders before or after class, how will I ever get them? When we scale, we are not even attempting doubles. So the actual class time spent on trying to do those is minimal. Also, separate subject that maybe you could discuss in a future video. When we are doing a WOD, how close should we be measuring ourselves to a standard? The open workout 13.3 was a real revelation for me. I was stunned at how few wall balls I did (and how many no-reps!). Am I the only one in WODs who says, "that was close enough" when I miss by an inch (maybe more)? Should we be "no-repping" ourselves? Some things are clear -- you either get the weight overhead or you don't, but some things maybe not so clear. I do get that we should not be cheating ourselves but just wondering how close our normal WOD performance should be to what standard.

  2. Valid points for sure. But, the extraneous work I was referring to only includes movements that are truly taxing to the body. My apologies for lack of clarification. Those movements include the pull-ups, as mentioned, extra push-ups, extra kettlebell movements outside of practice, "core-work", etc. You'll never truly know what is going to happen next, so extra work outside the wod is unnecessary and could hurt your recovery. SKILL PRACTICE is extraneous work that, if time permitting, SHOULD be done. (And even then you must consider recovery.) Developing skills like double unders, muscle-ups, handstands, and practicing barbell movements with a PVC pipe are totally acceptable and encouraged, but NOT extra stuff just for the heck of it. I hope that makes sense.

  3. I just got to watch the video today. Very good stuff. One point that you left out or should talk about in another video is taking an extra rest day or two, or even three. I myself have been battling some minor aches and pains in my shoulders and elbows, but I've noticed since I cut back from 5 days a week to 3 days a week my aches and pains are feeling better and also I feel a lot stronger especially when we do the 1 rep max olympic lifts. Just some "food for thought"