Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Deadlifts & Doubles


Jack is from Greece and decided to try CrossFit he has 
successfully completed our mechanics program he's
headed back to Greece this week and says he will 
continue to CrossFit Congrats and good luck.
Your always welcome as part of the herd!

Warm Up:
2 rounds
400m run
20 Burpees

Zercher squat

8min AMRAP
10 Deadlifts  135/225
50 Dbl unders

Post number of rounds completed to comments


  1. 115-135-155-175-195-215 zercher (first exposure). Felt fine except vision went blurry when first getting under the bar at 215!

    AMRAP: 2(+6DL) (225#, 150 singles). Need to focus on leading with the chest on DL. And learn how to do DUs.

  2. Rick and I set the zercher mark for the box 215# no blurry vision :). Thought I'd do more than 2rds+1DL but I gave my all.