Friday, August 16, 2013


Welcome to the Herd Christabelle


and Jamie!


All Levels: (CAP)

Strength: Bench Press 5 x 5

Alt 16 EMOM - (30sec on/30sec off)
Ring Dips (static hold) 30sec
Power Clean (must touch and go - as soon as you're off, set is over) 30sec
Split Jumping Lunge (each leg) 30sec
Row 30sec


All Levels: (CAP)

Skill Builder: Work on handstand holds & handstand Push ups for 5 - 10mins

20 Front Squats
30 Box Jumps 30"/24"
40 KB Swings 1.5/1 pood
50 Wall Ball Shots 20/14
* Rest 5 minutes (from the final person finishing) Then Repeat!


Skill Builder: Front Squat & Movements

20 Goblet Squats
25 Box Jumps
30 KB Swings
35 Wall Ball
* Rest 5 minutes (from the final person finishing) Then Repeat!


Team WOD: (NO CAP)

AMRAP 5 Rest 3 minutes 3x

Team of 2 split up the reps any way they need.

21 Goblet Squats (KB Front Squats - or just regular squats)
15 Burpees
9 T2B (or hanging knee raises etc - scale as needed)
Sprint 100 (both team members must run together)

When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way. - Wayne Dyer

Post time, load, or reps completed to comments.

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