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WLCWW - Less Than Two Weeks and Counting! 

In this email, you'll find two useful tools:  a preparation checklist, and a video describing the daily workout component of the challenge.  More on each below...  1.  The start of the WLCWW is just a little more than 2 weeks away.  We know how daunting preparing for something like this can be, since it touches and effects so many different parts of your life.  To help you in this process, we've created a preparation checklist that will help you cover all the areas you need to cover before September 15th.

The list is in no particular order.  We recommend you print out this list, post it up on your refrigerator, and make sure you check off each item before the start of the Challenge.

WLCWW Preparation Checklist
  • - Fill our your WLC profile page - include whatever relevant health stats that are important to you
  • - Visit the WLC blog and read all posts from the beginning
  • - Visit the WLC Forums and get involved in the conversation (at your gym and worldwide)
  • - Print out allowable foods list, circle the things you like
  • - Create simple, basic meal plan for yourself with 2 breakfasts, 2 snacks, 2 lunches and 2 dinners
  • - Create your shopping list
  • - Inventory your refrigerator and pantry - clean out any non-WLC compliant foods 
  • - Look at your schedule - pencil in where daily workouts and mobilizing will go.
  • - Research restaurants in your area that offer menu items that are WLC compliant
  • - Brainstorm rest-day movements/workouts that meet your needs of active recovery
  • - Obtain mobilization tools for use at home during challenge - lax ball, pvc pipe, foam roller

2.  WLCWW Workout Requirement - EVERY DAY for 56 days?  What?  That usually gets your attention!  The idea here is that you start to relate to yourself as something that is designed to move since your long-term health is dependent on not being sedentary.  No, we would NEVER ask you to go full intensity every day for 56 days - so understanding the difference between a workout and active recovery is essential.  In the following video, we will talk about the various ways to fulfill on the workout requirement so that you're able to be consistent, and are successful at making movement a daily habit.

By the way, both of these resources will be posted on our blog for you to reference back to as needed (if you accidentally delete the message).  Don't forget to tune into our live pre-game webcast on Thursday September 6 at 4pm Pacific time. We’ll go over the whole game, how to play, how to WIN and answer lots of your pressing questions!
We hope that both of these tools are helpful in your preparation over the next two weeks. Looking forward to "seeing" a lot of each other over the next 10 weeks!
In Health & Well Being -
Andy & Michael

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