Friday, June 15, 2012

Thrusters, Push ups

Welcome to the Herd Whitten!

Dynamic Warm Up


Bench Press

75 Thrusters 95/65
Goal is to get to 75 Thrusters EMOTM 7 Push ups

"I know that the road I follow will always be the result of the choices I make each day. So I choose to make the choices that take me where I truly want to go. I know that my future is not an accident . . . my future is a choice. And I choose to make my future work, in every positive, possible way." 

Don't forget after class at 6:30 hang out for our first of many Champagne Friday's let's WOD out and then POP some bubbly! If you can't make the WOD just come by and have a glass.

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  1. Bench Press - finished at 225lb, 16:52 on the Metcon (Rx'ed) - Kurt