Friday, July 13, 2012

Thrusters, Kettlebell swing

Nick thanks for bringing the crew down they rocked it!!!

Warm up
Double Unders

Skill Builder
Push press

Hang power clean

400m run
Thrusters 95/55
Kb swings 53/35

"I never let the problems, troubles, or unrest in the world we live in, get me down. Every day I keep my focus, work on my goals, and believe in the best outcome in everything I do. I make sure my attitude is always up, look for the bright, and find the good!"

Hey! it's Champagne Friday so come down WOD out and at 6:30 sip some bubbly! Even if your not working out come down and be a social butterfly!

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  1. 205# hpc but it was ugly

    12:31 on the metcon