Saturday, January 14, 2012

CrossFit Total/The Great 30 Day Paleo Challenge


I want to thank Jason for helping put together our challenge
This is looking like the start of a great competition.
I will be sending out the rest of the info later on this evening.
Some great numbers on the total, Looking forward to see 
whats results we'll have in 30 days.

Remember part of your score is based on posting to the blog!

Please post your total to comments.


  1. Jason B - CFT: Score is 3.48 (total / BW)
    Squat - 275 (up from 245 in Dec)
    Press - 175 (up from 165 in Dec)
    Deadlift - 365 (up from 345 in Dec).

    Now a member of the 800 club.

    I'll post Paleo Links to the blog every day, and will also add a big list of links to my own blog/tracking site:

    See you all Monday for the baseline benchmarking.

  2. As promised.....recipe site for today:

    A reminder...the challenge is "strict" no Dairy (e.g.cream, raw, fermented, grass-fed or otherwise). No Cereal grains (wheat etc), oats, spelt, quinoa etc. No added sugar or sugar substitutes (splenda, stevia, diet soda etc).

    For a full list, have a look at our friends in Crossfit NYC....they have a fancier, and more comprehensive, packet.

  3. Theresa A -- 3 PRs today:

    Back Squat- 75lb.
    Press - 45lb.
    Deadlift - 145

    With weight of 116 I think this is a score of 2.28. Is that right Jason?

    May not sound like much but I have been pumped all day. Practiced double unders for an hour and timed my squats, sit ups and push ups preparing for Monday's baseline. Aiming to beat my last time by 50 seconds, minimum. See you all Monday.

    1. T, 2.28 is correct. Check out this site for CrossFit rippetoe strength standards ( 3 PR's is something to be pumped about....but I'd bet you'll beat all 3 in a month.

      See you Monday.

  4. Sabine - CFT: Score is 3.21
    Squat - 155, have to work on those, I think I could do better.
    Press - 75, same here, could do way better.
    Deadlift - 285, PR, hell yeah! Very happy on this one!

    Very excited about this challenge, even though it won't be easy! Giving up bread, pretty hard but looking forward to seeing the difference in a month!!

    Had a great time yesterday, good job everybody and see you all tomorrow!

  5. Matt j
    Squat - 255
    Press - 130 (a little dip)
    DL - 325
    Total - 710
    Weight - 183
    Score - 3.88

    Some of the diet restrictions will be a real challenge...

  6. Squat: 245
    Press: 125
    Deadlift: 325
    Total: 695
    Weight: 209
    Score: 3.3

    Looking forward to seeing how the next month goes!

  7. Squat: 265
    Press: 130
    Deadlift: 255
    Total: 650
    Weight: 169
    Score: 3.85

  8. Chris

    325 Deadlift
    130 Press
    265 Back Squat
    710 total
    3.47 score

    Should've done better on the Press but oh we'll.

  9. Squat: 245
    Press: 115
    Deadlift: 325
    Total: 685
    Weight: 196
    Score: 3.49

  10. Alana A
    Squat : 135
    Press : 65
    Dead Lift : 155
    Total : 355
    Weight : 170
    Score : 2.09