Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Want some nuggets?

Coach's question? Has anybody noticed that it's getting harder and
harder to see stars in our skies even at night even on a clear night?

"I don't need someone to give me my success, or to do it for me. All I need is a dream I believe in, my goal to achieve it, the enthusiasm to give it life, my decision to take action, and the determination to make it happen . . . and I will create my success from my dream." -- (Give me a "Thumbs Up!" if you agree!) - Shad Helmstetter

Putting the fire out...
Courtesy of Mark's Daily Apple

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  1. Hey coach. Re: your stars in the sky question. Guess where I see stars EVERY night on a clear night?.................wait for it...........wait for it.........SUNNY ARIZONA! Yep. That's so the UFO's can see where to land. ;0)

  2. T's WOD today: 3RFT ladder 10 --> 1 deadlifts (95lbs), HRPU time: 8.53 / tabata DBLU score: 0

    Stars? They are hard to see but that is the trade off I accept for our wonderful city lights.

  3. Very nice Anne. After alot of my workouts I see stars all around. LOL.


  4. Alana
    Todays WOD : 10-1 Deadlifts (105 lbs) & HRPU's...09:07
    Tabata DBLU score: (7)