Monday, January 9, 2012


Have a great day everybody rest up!

”Who is the person I choose to be? I choose to be a strong, confident, smart, loving, caring, giving, creative, positive, believing, determined-to-reach-my-goals, ‘never give up,’ ‘winner-in-life’ individual. That’s who I choose to be. And right now, today, . . . that’s who I am!" -- (Give me a "Thumbs Up!" if you agree!) - Shad Helmstetter

Get it movin
Believe it or not

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  1. Rest day? What rest day?

    5 rounds with 3 mins rest between each round of;
    20 - pullups
    30 - pushups
    40 - situps
    50 - squats

    I averaged 6:55 for each round.