Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Pretty sure everyone has seen this commercial, do you think Reebok collaborating with CrossFit
is a good look or bad thing? Chime in!

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  1. Hard to say yet. It's exciting and terrifying in the same moment.

    Lets hope they don't try to change the sport at it's core.

  2. Some more thoughts on Reebok and Crossfit:


  3. If you're a elite level athlete, the gear may be helpful. For 95% of us, shorts are shorts, shirts are shirts, and any reasonable shoe will do.

    "If you can do it, it ain't bragging". Dizzy Dean

  4. A little late today, but why not spend your rest day cooking up a lil of this:


  5. T: The Reebok connection may make CrossFit a household name... the concern I have is that to meet the profit margins that Reebok will require for its new large affiliated gyms, CrossFit as we know it may be dumbed down to attract a wider audience.

    WOD time on 17-Jan: 15:59 (3 rounds 20 bar bounders, 20 wallballs (10-lb.), 20 box jumps (15-inch)

  6. Reg

    3Rds for time 20 bar bound 20 wall 20# ball 20 20" box jump-14:55 1/17/12