Monday, January 2, 2012

Deadlift, Push ups, Box Jumps

Go David!

Warm up
400m Row

Skill Builder/Mobility
Neck Mob.
15min AMRAP
Deadlift 100#/155#
Push ups
Box jumps 20"/24"
Courtesy of the 2011 CrossFit Open

 "Of all the days I have lived before, of all the days that lie ahead, now is the time to live my dreams, give life to my greatest goals, and live up to the incredible me I was born to be. The wonderful, positive, promising, and unlimited world I have in front of me . . . all begins with me . . . today!" -- (Give me a "Thumbs Up!" if you agree!) - Shad Helmstetter

Post number of rounds to comments.


  1. 5 rounds in 10 mins at Rx. Really felt the last week of no working out and over-eating/drinking over xmas. Bring on the Paleo Challenge!

  2. 4 full rounds, + 5 Box Jumps.
    Scaled - 24" step ups rather than box jumps.

  3. Reg

    5 rounds + 2 Deadlifts Rx. Mandown