Sunday, February 5, 2012

1st Sunday

Max rounds in 7 minutes
7 Wall ball 14/20
7 Burpees


15min AMRAP
5 Ring Row
10 Hindu push ups
15 Jumping air squats

Post number of rounds completed to comments.


  1. Paleo: Sun Jan 26th - Sat Feb 4

    Diet: 40
    Bonus: 4 (3 sleep, 1 WOD)
    Total: 44

  2. Morning all. I signed up for the 2012 CrossFit CrossFit Dumbo now has 1 registered member.

    Anyone else wanna join up with me? it's $20 and you can do the weekly WOD as many times as you'd like to get the best score (why you'd want to do 60 bar facing burpee's and 135# OHS more than once is beyond me).

    Will we have fun? Yes.
    Will we win? 14 months ago I couldn't walk without crutches and a leg brace. 4 months ago I couldn't generate enough power to jump on top of a 20" box (both feet) 5 times in a row. My baseline when I started in October took 8 minutes (I think). All I'm looking to do is get better.


  3. T's score for Sun 1/29 - Sat 2/4:
    Diet: 45 (lost 4 points for Saturday night 2 extra glasses wine, sour cream on my otherwise Paleo Chili, and some very dark chocolate)
    Sleep: 1
    WODs:2 (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

    TOTAL: 48

  4. D, are we going to be doing the Open WODs in class when they're announced??

    Gutted to miss the inaugural Sunday WOD. Instead I was doing:

    Run 13.1 miles (Central Park to Atlantic Centre-ish)

    1hr 54 (including a 6 min stop to queue for and buy a drink!)

    Had stiffness in the legs but put that down to dehydration - the water fountains had been switched off. Brooklyn Bridge is a killer at mile 10.

    Was interesting as was only the second run I've done since September last year (did a slow 11 miles last week); was equalling the pace I did in last year's Brooklyn Half Marathon, which I did lots of distance training for - pre-crossfit and pre-paleo.

  5. Chris: 10-20lb Med Ball Cleans
    completed 4 rounds plus 2 MBC's

    Part 2: 5 KB Swings (53lbs)
    10 DeadLifts (135lbs)
    15 Box Jumps (20")
    for 3 rounds

  6. Alana
    Paleo Points for Sunday January 29th-Saturday February 4th:
    Diet: 45 points
    Bonus: WOD 1 point(Friday)+ 2 sleep points
    Total: 48 points

  7. Jim S:

    Diet: 40
    Sleep: 3
    CF: 2
    Drinks: -7
    TOTAL: 38pts