Friday, February 24, 2012

Deadlift, Pull up

Kev killin his first ever double unders!

Warm up
400m run

Skill Builder/Mobility
Foam roll

Deadlift 155#
Pull ups

"When I have doubt, I choose to have faith, and believe in the best. When I feel I just can't win, I refuse to give up or give in. When I'm not sure about my purpose in life, I remind myself that I'm here for a reason. And when I wonder whether I can go on, I always choose to take one more step forward." ~ Shad Helmstetter

Lets thank Royal Huddleston Burpee!

Post load and time to comments.


  1. Today's WOD

    Row - 67
    Double Unders - 64
    Burpees - 47
    TOTAL: 178

    Damn you double-unders!

  2. Did a team Metcon for 20 minutes. I did 4 rounds with Deadlift 95# and red & purple bands. Killer on the forearms.

  3. Team WOD: Did 6 rounds with 155 lb Deadlifts and using the Red Band for Pullups.