Monday, February 6, 2012


Our first Sunday class was a huge success heirs to many more!
Thanks for coming out everybody.


Dude where's my car?
Courtesy of Dr. Mercola

I can't afford that...
Courtesy of the Whole9

"I will not be stopped when other people doubt me. I will not be held back by other people's fears. I have my goal; they have theirs. I have a road that is mine to follow. And I choose to keep going . . . because I choose to win."

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  1. Another tough one today, Coach D - "Jackie" - 11mins 39secs (w/ Green and Red Straps) - Kurt

  2. Good Fish Oil post. I use nordic naturals "Ultimate Omega - D3"...because I can never get enough vitamin D3.

    I only just started up my jar, so I don't have any mindblowing anecdotal results.

  3. Anyone want to come do this with me?

    We can set up a team. It's in Tuxedo, so a bit of a drive, but not terrible.

    I'll bring some print-outs on Saturday and we can see who's interested.

  4. "Jackie"
    Row 1000m
    50 thrusters 45#
    30 pull-ups

    8:48 (Rx'd) - PR (previous 9:23) - pretty happy with that the day after running a half-marathon. The thrusters are the killer, as always.

  5. Chris:

    1000 meter row
    50 Thruster (45lbs)
    30 Pull-ups (Blue/Purple band)
    Time: 9:47

  6. Count me in for the Spartan race, did the Sprint in NYC couple of years back and the Super last year in Staten island - great fun.