Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thrusters, Pull ups, Squats


Welcome to the herd Sam

Quarter gone bad
5 Rounds
Thruster, 15 seconds 95/135
Rest 45 Seconds
Weighted pull-up 15 seconds 25/50
Rest 45 Seconds
Air squats, 15 seconds
Rest 45 seconds

"Every day I look for the good, and every day I find it! I find it in my family, in my work, in my friendships, in my thoughts, in my goals, in my future, in the world around me, and always in myself. Every day I look for the good . . . and I find it!"

Post total reps for all five rounds to comments.


  1. My total was 140, avg round score of 28.
    Thrusters @ 115
    Pull-ups, first set, blue and red, then blue, then just Red for the last 3 rounds.

    Inaugural Sunday class tomorrow...looking forward to it.

  2. My last round was my best with a score of 31. Used blue for first round, then red and purple for last 4 rounds. I think my total was around 136.

  3. Chris: Thrusters: 115lbs
    Pull Ups: Blue Band
    Air Squats
    Total Reps 150 (30 per round average)

    Shout out to Migs, Matt, and Roberto who did a great job along with T, Jason, and myself.