Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Welcome to the herd Naheem!

Warm up
Dress appropriately we will be running for the warm up
800m run

Skill Builder/Mobility
Shoulder and calf mob.

Rowing Ladder
Row 1 min. Rest 1 min.
Row 1 min. Rest 50 secs.
Row 1 min. Rest 40 secs.
Row 1 min. Rest 30 secs.
Row 1 min. Rest 20 secs.
Row 1 min. Rest 10 secs.
Then back up back up and finish with 1 min on 50 secs.

"Today is a great day to help others succeed. I care about others, and it shows. I choose to help people get better, in any way I can. And when I help others achieve their best, my life gets better, too." 
Post total distance to comments.


  1. Chris - 2869 Meters. Averaged 32 SPM.

  2. End of the Paleo challenge and the CrossFit Total coming up this Saturday. See you all then.

  3. I added myself to our Crossfit games team. Maybe we can have some classes for the competition wods?